Frequent questions
Who looks after the campers?

Our STAFF is made up of active and healthy young people, between 18 and 25 years old who enjoy working and living with children. To acquire the position of instructor, they must meet important requirements as well as go through the different filters that help us select them. Our calls are aimed at certain groups, we carry out personal interviews, observation in the work camp, selection, induction and in-depth training about the camp. They are also trained on various topics such as:
First aid, CPR, child psychopedagogy, safety and hygiene, among others. We manage 1 instructor for every 5 or 6 children. In addition to them, there are the directors, assistants, area specialists (of horses, extreme zone) paramedics and the owners of the camp (ladies) at all times

How do children sleep?

Campers stay in ecological cabins that have all the services. The cabin sections are divided by sex and age, 6 children sleep per cabin plus the instructor, so that the instructors sleep with girls and the instructors with boys.
The instructor is responsible for being with the children at all times from bedtime until they arrive for breakfast. The instructor helps and supervises all children in matters of hygiene and order.
During the day, no one can enter the cabins during free time, only when it is time for cleanliness and order.

What if my child misses?
It is normal, especially at the beginning of the camp that children miss. The first thing to do is listen to the child and give him the necessary attention (our instructors are specifically trained for this type of situation). Each case is evaluated jointly with the CEO. The experience of 17 years tells us that in most cases that moment passes, and with the help of the staff and the other campers the children end up being entertained, making friends and having a great time. However, and since the objective of the camp is for the children to have fun, if it is assessed that the child is still sad and having a bad time, the parents are called, and together with them the most appropriate decision is made.
Do they have to do all the activities?
No. The goal is for the child to have fun and enjoy the camp, if there is an activity that they do not want to do, it is valid. However we will try to encourage and convince you to do it and to overcome the challenge (in case you are scared). Since all activities are designed with a high degree of safety and with the aim that children have maximum fun. For that reason we want you to make the most of it. But we will never force nobody to do something they don’t want to.
Can I call to ask how you are?

We have one or two cell phones in the camp, plus the number of the office in Guadalajara. You can talk to the principals or your child if you wish. However, we kindly ask you to call only in case of an important message, emergency, birthday or other special occasion, since we do not always have a signal at the ranch and we are usually involved in activities with the children.

Where is the camp located?

The camp is located in the municipality of Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos, approximately an hour and a half from Guadalajara, situated between Lake Chapala and the Cajititlán Lagoon.

How does the medical service work?

We have a doctor and a paramedic 24 hours a day, plus most of our staff are certified in first aid and CPR. The doctor has at hand all the important data related to the health of each camper (provided by parents on the registration sheet).


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